Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) is one of a type of Seismic Isolator consisting of rubber layer, steel plate, and lead core. A rubber vulcanizing layer with steel plate will provide high vertical stiffness and low horizontal stiffness so it is able to withstand vertical forces and provide large horizontal movements.

The main function of the LRB is to carry the load vertically. LRB also provides lateral flexibility that can increase the period of the structure and can also produce “Restoring Force” or what is called Re-centering capability. With its components, namely the Lead Core, LRB can dissipate earthquake energy.

Magdatama has advantages for its LRB products, raw material components are sourced from local products, besides that the rubber used is 100% Indonesian Natural Rubber with rubber quality that meets the Indonesian Rubber Standard (SIR). Magdatama also has an In-house Laboratory, in the form of a Rubber Laboratory as R&D and to maintain consistency of quality and quality of production. With the existence of a local factory, Prototype Test & Factory Production Control Test is carried out domestically.

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