Bearing Testing Machine

Bearing can be tested in our machine are :

– Lead Rubber Bearing
– High Damping Rubber Bearing
– Structural Bearing

MSLAB performs test according to :

– EN Standard
– AASHTO Standard
– Spesifikasi Khusus Bina Marga, Indonesian Standard

R&D Laboratory

Mixing Machine for Research and Development Material

Mixing laboratory plays a crucial role in implementing quality as well as developing new products

Physical Properties Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with computerized facilities to test the properties of rubber according to ASTM, ISO and other international standards

Tensile & Elongation Testing for Rubber and Steel & Ozone Resistance Testing

Others testing facilities machine

UTM, Heat Aging Machine, Rheometer Machine, Hardness Tester, Cutting Machine & Level Cutter Machine

Production Facilities

Lathe & Milling Machining

Steel Cutting Machines

Vulcanization Machine

Rubber Mixing Process

Blasting – Painting Room