High Damping Rubber bearing (HDRB) similar to Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) belong to seismic isolation bearing. It consists of a special rubber sandwiched between layers of steel with excellent damping properties. Damping is an effect within or on a vibration system that reduces, limits, or prevents vibration. Thus, high damping rubber bridge bearings have excellent vibration damping capability. HDRB with great flexibility and high elasticity can absorb some of the seismic input energy  before the energy is transferred to the substructure and recover after the earthquake.

HDRB during an earthquake provides excellent seismic effects by producing large deformation and low rigidity. This is because the elastic stiffness of a HDRB depends on the degree of its deformation. If the deformation is small, the rigidity is high, otherwise the deformation is large and the rigidity is low. In addition, HDRB that utilize this principle exhibit excellent seismic isolation functions.

Magdatama has advantages for its products, raw material components are sourced from local products, besides that the rubber used is 100% Indonesian Natural Rubber with rubber quality that meets the Indonesian Rubber Standard (SIR). Magdatama also has an In-house Laboratory, in the form of a Rubber Laboratory as R&D and to maintain consistency of quality and quality of production. With the existence of a local factory, Prototype Test & Factory Production Control Test is carried out domestically.